Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers
Intro Rules for 1/3000 Miniatures
Minden Games
Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers:  Intro Rules for 1/3000 Miniatures is a 12-page illustrated rule booklet, containing the basic D&B game system to allow you to play with scale ship models (or counters).

(If you have D&B: Jutland, there is no need to buy these rules, as everything in D&B Intro Rules is contained (and then some) in D&B: Jutland.  Also, this is the same set of rules that comes with the full 1/3000 set that includes over 100 warship counters, except this offering has fewer ships included.)

This rule set is provided for players who might want to see what the system is all about.  Included is a small set of approximately 20 British/German 1/3000 scale warship counters of various classes, to get you going.

You now have different ways to enjoy the D&B system.  If you are a miniatures player who appreciates 1/3000 scale ships, you can use the Intro rules, with or without 1/3000 Ship Set 1 (Jutland).  If you are a boardgamer and like smaller, 1/4200 scale ship counters, you can play with D&B: Jutland or D&B Classic.  The basic game system is the same, it's more a matter of ship scale, and whether you want just the standard rules, or the full rules with all the advanced options.
Sample D&B ships (actual size of 1/3000 scale counters is 3.5" x .94")
To get a feel for the D&B combat system, you may check out "Naval Fire Combat Resolution", in Dispatches from the Front #1, pp. 13-15.  This e-magazine is available as a free download.  Click here for the Dispatches page.
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